Uneven Lies — Downhill Lie

Hit­ting the ball from a down­hill slope presents a few chal­lenges and requires a few adjust­ments from your nor­mal set­up. Begin­ner and high hand­i­cap golfers have a ten­den­cy to hit these shots either fat or thin.

The first thing to do is to line up your shoul­ders par­al­lel to the slope of the ground. Your lead shoul­der will be low­er than your back one, how much depend­ing on the sever­i­ty of the slope. This will put the major­i­ty of your weight on your front foot. Due to the slope, your weight will stay on your front foot dur­ing the whole swing. Attempt­ing to place too much weight on your back foot is what con­tributes to hit­ting the ground before hit­ting the ball.

Hit­ting off the down­hill lie will make your ball fly low­er. This is because the slope is deloft­ing

Aim a lit­tle bit to the left because the ball will go slight­ly to the right as hav­ing most of your weight on your lead foot will tend to make your body get ahead of the ball and will but a slight fade on it.

Watch the Free Online Golf Tips video below where Peter Styles explains the prop­er shot for a down­hill lie.

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