Let’s Drive

Many golfers get more enjoy­ment from hit­ting their dri­ver than any oth­er club in their bag. The dis­tance, sound and feel from crush­ing a ball with your dri­ver is unmatched by any oth­er club. But with the thrill that comes from hit­ting your dri­ver, there comes a huge amount of respon­si­bil­i­ty. There is no oth­er club that can take you out of a hole as quick­ly as the dri­ver can. Some high hand­i­cap golfers will avoid using their dri­ver. I dis­agree with nev­er using your dri­ver. You’ll ben­e­fit from the length and it will be the cor­rect club off the tee on sev­er­al holes dur­ing a round. Every golfer needs to be com­fort­able hit­ting their dri­ver off the tee.

Since most cours­es do not have a par 3 as their open­ing hole, there’s a decent chance dri­ver will be the right choice off the first tee. It’s very impor­tant that you warm up and get loose at the prac­tice range before you start your round. Remem­ber time on the prac­tice range before a round is warm up time and not prac­tice time. You shouldn’t work on your swing dur­ing warm up time before a round. If you do not have time to hit the range before a round, make sure you thor­ough­ly stretch and take plen­ty of prac­tice swings. I know for me per­son­al­ly that there’s a good chance I will pull my dri­ve left off the tee if I am not prop­er­ly warmed up and loose.

You are allowed to tee up your ball any­where between, but not in front of, and up to two club lengths behind the tee mark­ers on the tee box. There is a pre­ferred side to tee off from but it is more impor­tant that you tee off from a flat area. This is not an issue on many cours­es as the tee area is com­plete­ly flat. How­ev­er, there are some cours­es I like to play that have at least a few unleveled tee box­es. You have a huge ben­e­fit start­ing each hole being able to tee up your ball. The last thing you want to do is give your­self an uneven lie!

Pro­vid­ed you have a flat area, you want to tee off from the same side of the tee box as the trou­ble you are try­ing to avoid is. It’s sim­ply eas­i­er to hit away from the trou­ble by tee­ing up on the same side it is on.

I see a lot of ama­teurs who do not account enough for the wind dur­ing their round. Grant­ed a dri­ver is not going to be affect­ed as much as a wedge shot, but many of us get more air under our dri­ves than we should so they are still going to be affect­ed by the wind. Be sure to check the wind direc­tion and strength before your shot and take it into con­sid­er­a­tion while lin­ing up.

You’ll need a con­sis­tent pre-shot rou­tine before every shot, espe­cial­ly your dri­ves. A con­sis­tent rou­tine of visu­al­iz­ing your dri­ve, tak­ing a prac­tice swing and cor­rect­ly lin­ing up your dri­ve will help you hit more fair­ways.

Your dri­ver is one of the most used clubs in your bag. Learn­ing to con­sis­tent­ly hit the ball in the fair­way off the tee with your dri­ver is cru­cial to avoid­ing trou­ble and scor­ing well on the hole.

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