How to Fix a Slice — Grip and Setup

Prop­er set­up is the first thing to achieve when find­ing out how to fix a slice. This starts with cor­rect­ly grip­ping the club. Have a slight­ly “strong” grip, rotat­ing your lead wrist clock­wise with your thumb rest­ing on the back side of the club shaft. For more on the grip, see our post “The Grip”.

A wide stance helps bal­ance and allows you to have as much swing speed as pos­si­ble. While when hit­ting irons the ball will be in the mid­dle of your stance, it should be far­ther for­ward in your stance when hit­ting dri­ver. A good start­ing point would be to have the ball lined up with the heel of your lead foot. See our post “Dri­ver Set­up” for more tips on address­ing the ball with the dri­ver.

Mark Cross­field cov­ers the grip and ball posi­tion in the excel­lent video below. Let’s get stuck in as Mark likes to say.

Now that we know we have the prop­er set­up, we can move on to how our swing is deter­min­ing how the club­head path and club­face angle and the rela­tion­ship between the two, at impact, cre­ate the ball flight pat­tern.

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