How to Fix a Slice – Driver Setup

Swinging your driver is different than swinging any other club in your bag. Today’s modern drivers and golf balls are designed for a high launch angle. The driver is the only club that you want to hit the ball on the upswing. Most golfers know that teeing the ball high and having it forward in your stance is an important part of the setup for a successful drive.

Still, most high handicap golfers still struggle with how to fix a slice, even though they are teeing the ball correctly and have it plenty forward in their stance.

The problem could be as simple as having the club head in the wrong position. Many golfers will setup with the ball forward in their stance and then put the club head directly behind the ball. This will naturally angle your shoulders to the left, which will promote an over the top, out-to-in swing. This type of swing results in either a pull or the dreaded slice.

In the video below, Rob Bernard explains a simple setup tip for your driver to get the club head in a better position. Work on implementing it during your next session at the practice range.

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