How to Fix a Slice — Driver Setup

Swing­ing your dri­ver is dif­fer­ent than swing­ing any oth­er club in your bag. Today’s mod­ern dri­vers and golf balls are designed for a high launch angle. The dri­ver is the only club that you want to hit the ball on the upswing. Most golfers know that tee­ing the ball high and hav­ing it for­ward in your stance is an impor­tant part of the set­up for a suc­cess­ful dri­ve.

Still, most high hand­i­cap golfers still strug­gle with how to fix a slice, even though they are tee­ing the ball cor­rect­ly and have it plen­ty for­ward in their stance.

The prob­lem could be as sim­ple as hav­ing the club head in the wrong posi­tion. Many golfers will set­up with the ball for­ward in their stance and then put the club head direct­ly behind the ball. This will nat­u­ral­ly angle your shoul­ders to the left, which will pro­mote an over the top, out-to-in swing. This type of swing results in either a pull or the dread­ed slice.

In the video below, Rob Bernard explains a sim­ple set­up tip for your dri­ver to get the club head in a bet­ter posi­tion. Work on imple­ment­ing it dur­ing your next ses­sion at the prac­tice range.

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