Super Low Compression Golf Balls

The abil­i­ty to com­press the golf ball is what allows golfers to hit for long dis­tance. The ball com­press­es after impact with the club and then springs back to orig­i­nal shape. This gives the ball a “sling­shot” effect off the club face. Many golfers do not have the abil­i­ty in their cur­rent game to com­press the ball to a high degree. This inabil­i­ty is caused most­ly by slow swing speeds. Swing tech­nique does impact the abil­i­ty to com­press the ball, as some golfers with high­er swing speeds still do not effec­tive­ly com­press the ball, but swing speed is the main dri­ver in com­press­ing the ball.

His­tor­i­cal­ly, most of the golf balls avail­able had com­pres­sion rat­ings from 70 to 100. The high­er the com­pres­sion rat­ing the more den­si­ty the ball has. Tour balls used by pro­fes­sion­als and low hand­i­cap golfers have a high com­pres­sion rat­ing. Bet­ter golfers typ­i­cal have high­er swing speeds which allow them to com­press a high den­si­ty ball. The ben­e­fit of a high den­si­ty ball is that it offers more con­trol to advanced play­ers.

The aver­age male golfer has a swing speed in the mid 80’s mph while the aver­age swing speed for women is in the low 60’s mph. For a long time, golf ball man­u­fac­tur­ers have pro­vid­ed balls with low­er com­pres­sion rat­ings (around 70) to help golfers with slow­er swing speeds to bet­ter com­press the golf ball. These balls have less den­si­ty which allows them to com­press more and offer more dis­tance. The major­i­ty of these balls are tar­get­ed to women golfers. I’m not sure if that is the best mar­ket­ing ploy, as there are a large num­ber of men who could ben­e­fit from a low com­pres­sion rat­ing ball but refuse to play a women’s golf ball.

The Wil­son Duo golf ball was intro­duced in 2012 and cre­at­ed a lot of buzz in the golf com­mu­ni­ty. Wil­son was able to pro­duce a ball with a super low com­pres­sion rat­ing of 40, pro­vid­ing long dis­tance and min­i­mal spin off the dri­ver while still hav­ing a soft feel around the green. Many ama­teurs, includ­ing some with rel­a­tive­ly faster swing speeds over 100 mph, find suc­cess with the Wil­son Duo. It is a great ball for high to mid hand­i­cap golfers. Low hand­i­cap golfers will most like­ly find that the 2 piece Duo does not give them the nec­es­sary high spin, espe­cial­ly with their wedges.

Call­away recent­ly intro­duced anoth­er ball into the super low com­pres­sion mar­ket, the Super Soft golf ball. The Super Soft golf ball has a com­pres­sion rat­ing of 38 and incor­po­rates Callaway’s HEX Aero­dy­nam­ics as the dim­ple pat­tern. Like the Wil­son Duo, it’s main sell­ing point is long, straight dri­ves off the tee with more soft­ness around the greens than oth­er two piece balls. The Call­away Super Soft pro­vides anoth­er option to those look­ing for a super low com­pres­sion ball.

If you’re a high to mid hand­i­cap golfer look­ing for more dis­tance, give a super low com­pres­sion ball a try. The Wil­son Duo and Call­away Super Soft both offer super low com­pres­sion to give golfers with slow­er swing speeds added dis­tance.


  1. Shoot­ing 90

    I am a mid-high hand­i­cap golfer and came upon your low com­pres­sion golf ball arti­cle.

    Since I do not have a lot of time for prac­tice I do a lot of research on golf clubs, golf balls and play­ing videos.

    I have tried many dif­fer­ent types of golf balls to get more dis­tance due to my slow swing speed under 80mph and found the Wil­son Duo (29 Com­pres­sion )to be the longest.

    I also start­ed short­en­ing my golf dri­ver shaft a Ping G30 Dri­ver from 45.75 to 45.00 from the butt end of the golf shaft and added a Golf Pride 25gram grip. No Fit­ter Involved just from research­ing. This helps me make bet­ter con­tact with the sweet part of the golf dri­ver and men­tal­ly due to the short­er golf shaft adds con­fi­dence to swing longer/harder. Now the golf ball on most strikes goes long down the mid­dle of the fair­way.

    The Ping G30 Dri­ver 45 inch shaft com­bined with the Wil­son Duo golf ball added increased dri­ver dis­tance of 20–30 yards recent­ly 220–230 on some holes. I also use most­ly fair­way woods & hybrids to help with more dis­tance.

    Wil­son Duo golf ball also very good putting but like most 2 piece golf balls you have to adjust for more ball roll out. Think­ing of try­ing the Wil­son Duo Spin for bet­ter green con­trol.

    Nice arti­cle.
    Bill Wolf

    • Thanks for the insight­ful com­ment Bill! I have been play­ing Wil­son Duo Spins this sum­mer and real­ly like them.

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