Best Golf Balls for Beginners

A lot of peo­ple find Shoot­ing 90 by search­ing the Inter­net for the best golf balls for begin­ners. There are many dif­fer­ent golf balls on the mar­ket today. Depend­ing on how they are con­struct­ed and the mate­ri­als used, they cater to golfers of all skill lev­els.

Tour balls, the same balls pro­fes­sion­als use on tour, the Titleist Pro V1 being the most pop­u­lar, are made of three, four or even five lay­ers and have a soft cov­er. This con­struc­tion pro­vides a high lev­el of spin and feel around the green. Many ama­teurs, includ­ing begin­ner and high hand­i­cap golfers, emu­late the pros and use tour balls think­ing they will get an advan­tage from them. How­ev­er, with­out the high lev­el of nec­es­sary skill, tour balls are not help­ing your golf game and may actu­al­ly be hurt­ing it.

Begin­ner golfers should start with a basic two piece ball that costs around $1. There are many rea­sons a basic two piece ball is bet­ter for a begin­ner than a tour cal­iber or oth­er advanced ball.

  • High spin of a tour ball can mag­ni­fy slices with a dri­ver.

The same high lev­el of spin that helps around the green can increase the sever­i­ty of your slices and hooks off the tee with your dri­ver. Begin­ner golfers are still improv­ing their shots and will occa­sion­al­ly hit dri­ves that result in a slice or hook. A tour ball’s high amount of spin with mag­ni­fy these errant shots. A two piece ball has a hard­er cov­er that pro­duces less spin while using a dri­ver. Less spin off the tee will help con­trol slices and hooks.

  • Tour balls are expen­sive.

Let’s face facts. As a begin­ner golfer, you are going to lose your fair share of golf balls. Addi­tion­al­ly, golf is already an expen­sive sport. Los­ing Titleist Pro V1 balls on a reg­u­lar basis, which cost $4 a piece, unnec­es­sar­i­ly makes the already expen­sive sport of golf even more cost­ly.

  • Two piece balls are more durable.

You may be ask­ing how a $1 golf ball can be more durable than a $4 golf ball but that is exact­ly the case! The cov­er of $1 two piece golf balls are made with a hard­er mate­r­i­al than the cov­er of tour balls. The soft cov­er of a tour ball is need­ed for the required feel around the green. This soft mate­r­i­al is more eas­i­ly cut by mishits than the hard­er mate­r­i­al of the two piece ball cov­er.

 $1 two piece golf balls are the best golf balls for begin­ners. Click the link below for our list of two piece balls that cost around $1 a piece.

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