Best Golf Balls for Beginners

A lot of people find Shooting 90 by searching the Internet for the best golf balls for beginners. There are many different golf balls on the market today. Depending on how they are constructed and the materials used, they cater to golfers of all skill levels.

Tour balls, the same balls professionals use on tour, the Titleist Pro V1 being the most popular, are made of three, four or even five layers and have a soft cover. This construction provides a high level of spin and feel around the green. Many amateurs, including beginner and high handicap golfers, emulate the pros and use tour balls thinking they will get an advantage from them. However, without the high level of necessary skill, tour balls are not helping your golf game and may actually be hurting it.

Beginner golfers should start with a basic two piece ball that costs around $1. There are many reasons a basic two piece ball is better for a beginner than a tour caliber or other advanced ball.

  • High spin of a tour ball can magnify slices with a driver.

The same high level of spin that helps around the green can increase the severity of your slices and hooks off the tee with your driver. Beginner golfers are still improving their shots and will occasionally hit drives that result in a slice or hook. A tour ball’s high amount of spin with magnify these errant shots. A two piece ball has a harder cover that produces less spin while using a driver. Less spin off the tee will help control slices and hooks.

  • Tour balls are expensive.

Let’s face facts. As a beginner golfer, you are going to lose your fair share of golf balls. Additionally, golf is already an expensive sport. Losing Titleist Pro V1 balls on a regular basis, which cost $4 a piece, unnecessarily makes the already expensive sport of golf even more costly.

  • Two piece balls are more durable.

You may be asking how a $1 golf ball can be more durable than a $4 golf ball but that is exactly the case! The cover of $1 two piece golf balls are made with a harder material than the cover of tour balls. The soft cover of a tour ball is needed for the required feel around the green. This soft material is more easily cut by mishits than the harder material of the two piece ball cover.

 $1 two piece golf balls are the best golf balls for beginners. Click the link below for our list of two piece balls that cost around $1 a piece.

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