Uneven Lies — Ball Above Your Feet

In our first post on the chal­lenges that uneven lies present on the course, we dis­cussed the prop­er set­up and tech­nique for hit­ting a ball below your feet. This post tack­les its coun­ter­part, an uneven lie with the ball above your feet.

With the ball above your feet, your hands are clos­er to the ball. You’ll need to choke down on the club a bit, as if you swing with your hands in your nor­mal posi­tion on the club, you’ll most like­ly hit the ground before the ball. Chok­ing down on the club will cause you to hit the ball a short­er dis­tance. You may need to take one club more than you usu­al­ly do for the dis­tance you are at.

The slope of the lie with the ball above your feet will try to make you lose your bal­ance back­wards. It’s impor­tant to keep your weight in the balls of your feet to help main­tain your bal­ance.

The ball flight, to some degree, will fol­low the slope of the lie. So for right hand­ed golfers, your shot will want to go left depend­ing on the sever­i­ty of the slope.

Check out the video below from PGA pro­fes­sion­al Derek Hoop­er as he explains how to hit a shot with the ball above your feet.

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