Increase Clubhead Speed to Increase Distance

Many beginner golfers golfers swing slower than they are capable of in an attempt to minimize mistakes. Many high handicap golfers make mistakes and slow their swing in an attempt to improve their ball striking. The problem with swinging slower than your potential is that it robs you of valuable distance.

Why is distance so important? Wouldn’t you rather be short in the fairway than long in the rough? Not really. The ideal result is to be long in the fairway. Here’s the reason you want all the distance you’re capable of. The key to scoring in golf is hitting greens in regulation. It is much easier to hit the green with an 8 iron, 9 iron, or pitching wedge than it is with a 6 iron. Shorter approach shots into the green will result in hitting more greens in regulation, which will result in lower scores.

Every mile per hour of clubhead speed translates to 3 to 4 yards of distance. Increasing clubhead speed by 5 miles per hour will add 15 to 20 yards to your drive. Even if you think your clubhead speed is at its fullest potential, the reality is that you most likely have more available. Most beginner and high handicap golfers have the ability to increase clubhead speed.

The best way to increase clubhead speed is to measure it. A Bluetooth golf swing analyzer is a relatively low cost way to measure club head speed. Check out our review of the SkyGolf SkyPro golf swing analyzer. Another benefit of using a golf swing analyzer is that as you progress to increase clubhead speed, the golf swing analyzer will insure that your swing and clubface stay in position.

You want to swing faster and not harder. Keep the tension in your swing at the same level as it always was as you increase clubhead speed. Also keep your lead arm dominate as your pull the clubhead through the ball, not letting your trail arm become dominant.

It is not necessary to hit balls at the range to increase clubhead speed. You can also work on this at home by swinging a club with no ball. Try Hank Haney’s 100 swings a day approach. You will not be able to get measurements from your golf swing analyzer by not hitting a ball but that’s OK. Measure your speed at regular intervals at the range when you are hitting balls. Track your progress.

Distance is important. Start increasing your clubhead speed today.

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