Increase Clubhead Speed to Increase Distance

Many begin­ner golfers golfers swing slow­er than they are capa­ble of in an attempt to min­i­mize mis­takes. Many high hand­i­cap golfers make mis­takes and slow their swing in an attempt to improve their ball strik­ing. The prob­lem with swing­ing slow­er than your poten­tial is that it robs you of valu­able dis­tance.

Why is dis­tance so impor­tant? Wouldn’t you rather be short in the fair­way than long in the rough? Not real­ly. The ide­al result is to be long in the fair­way. Here’s the rea­son you want all the dis­tance you’re capa­ble of. The key to scor­ing in golf is hit­ting greens in reg­u­la­tion. It is much eas­i­er to hit the green with an 8 iron, 9 iron, or pitch­ing wedge than it is with a 6 iron. Short­er approach shots into the green will result in hit­ting more greens in reg­u­la­tion, which will result in low­er scores.

Every mile per hour of club­head speed trans­lates to 3 to 4 yards of dis­tance. Increas­ing club­head speed by 5 miles per hour will add 15 to 20 yards to your dri­ve. Even if you think your club­head speed is at its fullest poten­tial, the real­i­ty is that you most like­ly have more avail­able. Most begin­ner and high hand­i­cap golfers have the abil­i­ty to increase club­head speed.

The best way to increase club­head speed is to mea­sure it. A Blue­tooth golf swing ana­lyz­er is a rel­a­tive­ly low cost way to mea­sure club head speed. Check out our review of the Sky­Golf SkyPro golf swing ana­lyz­er. Anoth­er ben­e­fit of using a golf swing ana­lyz­er is that as you progress to increase club­head speed, the golf swing ana­lyz­er will insure that your swing and club­face stay in posi­tion.

You want to swing faster and not hard­er. Keep the ten­sion in your swing at the same lev­el as it always was as you increase club­head speed. Also keep your lead arm dom­i­nate as your pull the club­head through the ball, not let­ting your trail arm become dom­i­nant.

It is not nec­es­sary to hit balls at the range to increase club­head speed. You can also work on this at home by swing­ing a club with no ball. Try Hank Haney’s 100 swings a day approach. You will not be able to get mea­sure­ments from your golf swing ana­lyz­er by not hit­ting a ball but that’s OK. Mea­sure your speed at reg­u­lar inter­vals at the range when you are hit­ting balls. Track your progress.

Dis­tance is impor­tant. Start increas­ing your club­head speed today.

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