Should You Try to Hit a Straight Golf Shot?

This post is a fol­lowup to a post I wrote enti­tled Mas­ter Your Straight Golf Shot where I advise against pur­pose­ly shap­ing your shot with a draw (right to left for right­ies) or a fade (left to right for right­ies) and encour­age you to hit a straight shot. I watched a YouTube video tonight from Joseph Mayo (@TrackmanMaestro) and Grant Waite (@grantwaite) of Waite Mayo Golf. The video was made for a begin­ner or high hand­i­cap golfer audi­ence and dis­cuss­es grip, stance and weight shift.

In the seg­ment on stance, they dis­cuss the com­mon prob­lem of slic­ing the ball which many begin­ner and high hand­i­cap golfers have and how these golfers are told to hit the ball straight. Joseph and Grant argue against hit­ting the ball straight, cit­ing it’s near­ly impos­si­ble, and even pro golfers could not do it con­sis­tent­ly if they tried. Rather than try­ing to teach high hand­i­cap golfers some­thing even pros can­not do, they rec­om­mend hit­ting a pre­dictable curve. A pre­dictable curve is either a draw or a fade. Since many golfers have a prob­lem with slic­ing, learn­ing to hit a draw would not only give you a pre­dictable ball flight path but would also cor­rect the slice.

I encour­age every­one to watch the video. Joseph and Grant pro­vide great tips on a lev­el every­one can under­stand. I know it has changed the way I think how high hand­i­cap golfers should set­up and hit the ball.


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