How to Fix a Slice – Rotate Your Body

This is the second installment of our How to Fix a Slice series and a prelude to the third installment, “Create an In to Out Swing”. Hopefully you have had a chance to read our first installment titled “The Grip”. If you have not had the chance please do so now.

Once you have a strong grip, the next most important step in fixing your slice is to create an in to out swing. Before we can do that, however, we need to make sure we are properly rotating our body throughout the golf swing.

Many amateurs swing way too much with their arms, making a swing similar to a baseball swing. The problem with this is there is a big difference between golf and baseball swings. In fact, they don’t get along very well. Swinging too much with your arms also tends to make you sway back and then forward instead of rotating your body to shift your weight.

In a golf swing, your arms’ main responsibility is not to generate power but rather to connect your body to the club and keep your club face in the right position and on the right path. Your power is created through rotating your body to properly shift your weight through the shot.

To understand proper body rotation in a golf swing, check out “Proper Rotation of Your Upper and Lower Body” on

If you’re having problems swaying instead of rotating, check out the video below from The Golf Fix’s Michael Breed for a great tip.

Proper rotation is an important building block of a consistent in to out golf swing. In our next installment, we will dig deeper into creating an in to out golf swing, arguably the biggest piece in how to fix a slice.

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