How to Fix a Slice — Rotate Your Body

This is the sec­ond install­ment of our How to Fix a Slice series and a pre­lude to the third install­ment, “Cre­ate an In to Out Swing”. Hope­ful­ly you have had a chance to read our first install­ment titled “The Grip”. If you have not had the chance please do so now.

Once you have a strong grip, the next most impor­tant step in fix­ing your slice is to cre­ate an in to out swing. Before we can do that, how­ev­er, we need to make sure we are prop­er­ly rotat­ing our body through­out the golf swing.

Many ama­teurs swing way too much with their arms, mak­ing a swing sim­i­lar to a base­ball swing. The prob­lem with this is there is a big dif­fer­ence between golf and base­ball swings. In fact, they don’t get along very well. Swing­ing too much with your arms also tends to make you sway back and then for­ward instead of rotat­ing your body to shift your weight.

In a golf swing, your arms’ main respon­si­bil­i­ty is not to gen­er­ate pow­er but rather to con­nect your body to the club and keep your club face in the right posi­tion and on the right path. Your pow­er is cre­at­ed through rotat­ing your body to prop­er­ly shift your weight through the shot.

To under­stand prop­er body rota­tion in a golf swing, check out “Prop­er Rota­tion of Your Upper and Low­er Body” on

If you’re hav­ing prob­lems sway­ing instead of rotat­ing, check out the video below from The Golf Fix’s Michael Breed for a great tip.

Prop­er rota­tion is an impor­tant build­ing block of a con­sis­tent in to out golf swing. In our next install­ment, we will dig deep­er into cre­at­ing an in to out golf swing, arguably the biggest piece in how to fix a slice.

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