How to Fix a Slice — Create an In to Out Swing

In our pre­vi­ous posts on how to fix a slice, we dis­cussed the grip, and how to rotate your body. In this third install­ment, we will be cre­at­ing an in to out swing, which is one of the most impor­tant steps in elim­i­nat­ing your slice.

Prop­er­ly rotat­ing your body helps you not to sway. Sway­ing back­wards and then for­wards to hit the ball can cause your swing path to be too out­side to in. A swing that is too out­side to in is the main rea­son you are slic­ing the ball.

What does it  mean to have an in to out swing? Whether you have an in to out swing or an out to in swing refers to the rela­tion­ship between your club head and the ball as it approach­es impact. Inside is between your body and the ball while out­side is the area on the oth­er side of the ball. In a base­ball anal­o­gy, for right han­ders, an in to out swing will feel like you’re hit­ting the ball to right field. This cou­pled with a slight­ly closed club face rel­a­tive to the club path will pro­duce a slight draw for a ball flight path.

Golfers with a slice do exact­ly the oppo­site. They swing out­side to in, impact the ball with an open club face rel­a­tive to the club path, and end up with a slice for a ball path.

I encour­age you to watch Joseph Mayo’s YouTube video, “Track­man Mae­stro on Ball Flight”. Joseph Mayo, @TrackmanMaestro on Twit­ter, is a lead­ing author­i­ty on ball flight. Mr. Mayo goes in depth on what caus­es your shot’s ini­tial direc­tion and its cur­va­ture.

So why do we want to hit a slight draw instead of a slight fade? There are a few rea­sons for a begin­ner or high hand­i­cap golfer to hit a draw instead of a fade.

First, by pro­duc­ing a draw, we are fix­ing your slice. If we aimed at pro­duc­ing a slight fade, we are attempt­ing to min­i­mize your slice, which is more dif­fi­cult to accom­plish.

Sec­ond, a draw will gen­er­al­ly have greater dis­tance than a fade. Most ama­teurs can use all the dis­tance they can get.

What can be done to pro­mote an in to out swing?

The first and biggest one is align­ing your shoul­ders, hips, and knees to the right of your tar­get (for right han­ders) to cre­ate a right­ward swing direc­tion. Watch anoth­er video below from Joseph Mayo as he describes 5 keys in cre­at­ing an in to out swing.

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