Have You Abandoned Your Driver?

The dri­ver has to be the most inter­est­ing club in a high hand­i­cap golfer’s bag. Pos­si­bly only the put­ter can bring as much joy and sor­row to one’s game. It’s a big thrill to smash a long dri­ve down the mid­dle of the fair­way. On the oth­er hand, there is no worse feel­ing in golf than slic­ing your dri­ve fifty yards out of bounds. Con­tin­u­al­ly strug­gling to put your tee shots in play with your dri­ver leads to total frus­tra­tion. Your tee shot sets the tone for the whole hole. It’s near­ly impos­si­ble to improve your golf game when you’re not find­ing the fair­way and scram­bling to post a decent score hole after hole.

Many high hand­i­cap golfers do not know how to fix a slice. They con­sis­tent­ly hit a slice with their dri­ver. Instead of fix­ing their slice on the prac­tice range, they attempt to play around their slice but it keeps get­ting in the way. Missed fair­ways and lost dis­tance begin to suck the enjoy­ment from the game.

This leads some golfers to quit using their dri­ver all togeth­er. They hit fair­way met­als, hybrids, or even irons off the tee to increase the num­ber of fair­ways they hit in reg­u­la­tion. This keeps them in the hole longer and gives them a chance to score bet­ter than if they used their dri­ver. Actu­al­ly, it’s prob­a­bly the best choice if you are real­ly strug­gling with your dri­ver. Leave it in the bag for your round or don’t even bring it to the course. Keep­ing the ball in front of you, in play, will bring you more enjoy­ment from the game and much less frus­tra­tion.

So if you’re not con­nect­ing with your dri­ver, it may be best not to use it on the course but you should not aban­don your dri­ver all togeth­er. You should be work­ing hard to learn how to hit your dri­ver on the prac­tice range. There are ten to twelve holes a round where you dri­ver is the cor­rect club to hit off the tee. As a high hand­i­cap golfer, you most like­ly can use all the dis­tance you can get off the tee. Hit­ting your dri­ver in the fair­way puts you in the best posi­tion for your approach shot. Short­er approach shots from the fair­way will allow you to hit more greens in reg­u­la­tion, which is the secret to scor­ing low­er in golf.

Learn how to hit your dri­ver. If you need to know how to fix a slice, see our 3 part How to Fix a Slice series — The Grip, Rotate Your Body, and Cre­ate an In to Out Swing.

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