The Advantages of Golfing by Yourself

Golf can be played in a variety of ways. You can compete individually or as a team. Even when competing individually, you are usually playing in a group. When not competing, playing golf with your regular golf companions is a very enjoyable activity. Golf is a very social sport.

While golf is obviously enjoyable with others, I would also encourage you to not avoid golfing alone. Many courses will not allow singles during busy times and will pair you up with others to make a foursome. This is understandable. A bunch of single players on a busy golf course is not an efficient way to bring in income. However, even at my local home course which is very busy during the summer, I can get out on the course by myself during twilight and early morning times. I can usually go out solo anytime of the day during non-peak months.

There are many advantages to golfing by yourself.

  • There’s no pressure – Most of us experience some kind of added pressure and tension when playing in a group. Playing with someone new for the first time adds to this tension. Hit a few bad shots and soon you have a snowball effect. This pressure if non-existent when playing alone. Shrug off a bad shot and move on.
  • It’s easier to play forward or back tees – By playing off of a different color tee, you will have different approach shots than you are accustomed to from playing off your regular tee. This gives you valuable practice with clubs you might normally not use. You are free from any questions to play any tee you want when you are out alone.
  • You can set your own pace – Playing alone, you will not feel rushed by other players in your group or by other groups behind you. If by chance a single or group of two catches up to you, simply let them play through. You will most likely be forced to slow down your game so you will not be on a group in front of you for the whole round. Use this time to think through every shot and practice your pre-shot routine.
  • Play two balls – Hitting two balls if the pace of play allows is a good way to avoid continually being on a group in front of you. You can mix things up by playing a worst ball scramble by yourself. Hit two balls from every spot and play the worst shot. This is a great way to practice tough shots.
  • You can talk to yourself – I don’t mean negative talk. There’s no place for that. I’m talking about giving yourself positive motivation during the round. Verbally congratulate yourself after good shots. The positive affirmation is great for your golf game.


Take advantage of times you can get out on the course by yourself. The solitude, ability to set your own pace, and being able to play your own game provide a great atmosphere to improve your game.


  1. Nice post Scott,

    I think the last point you made is so very true.

    The peace and quiet from walking a round of golf on your own is priceless. I love the solitude and just being out in the fresh air make it’s very special.

    Playing on your own also gives you the rare chance to try out a few different shots you normally wouldn’t try during a competition round. It’s a great opportunity to experiment and see what else you are capable of.


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