Take Full Advantage of your Home Golf Course

As your basic swing skills come togeth­er and you begin to play more golf, you may want to become a mem­ber at a local course near you. I’m not specif­i­cal­ly speak­ing of a fan­cy pri­vate coun­try club. Many pub­lic golf cours­es also offer year­ly mem­ber­ships.

There are many ben­e­fits of becom­ing a mem­ber at a local golf course:

  • Unlim­it­ed golf
  • Some cours­es include free range balls
  • You can play in the club cham­pi­onship
  • Eas­i­er to get tee times
  • Play­ing repeat­ed­ly on the same course builds con­fi­dence

Along with the many ben­e­fits, there may be a few pit­falls in becom­ing a mem­ber. While play­ing the same course will build con­fi­dence, things may become too rou­tine if you are not care­ful. You may find your­self know­ing what club you are going to hit on each hole before the round even begins. This includes not using mul­ti­ple clubs in your bag at any point in the round. It is impor­tant to reg­u­lar­ly use every club in your bag.

For­tu­nate­ly there are many things you can do to avoid things becom­ing to rou­tine. The most obvi­ous thing is to play dif­fer­ent cours­es. Even with the ben­e­fits of hav­ing a home course, you should occa­sion­al­ly be play­ing dif­fer­ent cours­es. Not know­ing a golf course keeps your men­tal game and course man­age­ment skills sharp. You’ll also prob­a­bly see your­self hit­ting clubs that you nor­mal­ly do not on your home course. Many golf cours­es have rec­i­p­ro­cal deals with oth­er cours­es that will give you a dis­count­ed green fee on those cours­es. Even with the dis­counts, play­ing these oth­er cours­es is an addi­tion­al expense to the mem­ber­ship fee you are already pay­ing for your home course.

Let’s look at some ways to get the max­i­mum ben­e­fit from your home course. Play­ing your home course in a dif­fer­ent way is ben­e­fi­cial to improv­ing your game.

Don’t play exclu­sive­ly from the white or red tees. Next round, play from a longer tee. You will find your longer irons and hybrids will come into play more often than they do from a more for­ward tee. This will help you be com­fort­able play­ing any club in your bag when on oth­er cours­es where you will need them. Please keep in mind that you will score high­er from a longer tee. We are just not as accu­rate from longer dis­tances. This is nor­mal and per­fect­ly OK. In fact, if you keep a hand­i­cap, the hand­i­cap sys­tem accounts for what tee you are play­ing from.

On the flip side, do not be against play­ing from a for­ward tee once in a while. The red tees are not ladies tees and the gold tees are not senior/youth tees. They are sim­ply red and gold tees pro­vid­ing an oppor­tu­ni­ty to play from a short­er yardage. The expect­ed out­come when play­ing from a more for­ward tee than usu­al is to score low­er. Play­ing up will pro­vide you approach shots into the green with short irons ands wedges. The short game is the most impor­tant part of anyone’s game. The more times you can get real on-course work on your short game the bet­ter off your game will be. Once again, if you keep a hand­i­cap, the sys­tem will account for play­ing a short­er tee and your hand­i­cap will not become arti­fi­cial­ly low by play­ing up.

Anoth­er option on some holes when play­ing your reg­u­lar tees is to use a dif­fer­ent club off of the tee. For exam­ple, keep your dri­ver in the bag for some par 4’s and use a 3 wood or oth­er club off the tee. This gives you prac­tice off the tee with oth­er clubs. You may find that the increased accu­ra­cy with a dif­fer­ent club oth­er than your dri­ver may increase your scor­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties on some holes. This, like play­ing longer tees, increas­es the length of approach shots forc­ing you to use clubs in your bag you nor­mal­ly do not.

So start mix­ing things up on your home course. The increased use of clubs you may nor­mal­ly not play will ben­e­fit your golf game espe­cial­ly when play­ing new cours­es.

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