Golf Nine Holes Instead of Eighteen

Most things in golf are based on eigh­teen holes. Most golf cours­es have eigh­teen holes, pro­fes­sion­al golf rounds are eigh­teen holes, and an offi­cial hand­i­cap is estab­lished based on eigh­teen hole rounds.

Golf­ing eigh­teen holes presents many chal­lenges.

Find­ing the time is prob­a­bly the biggest chal­lenge for many of us. A round of eigh­teen holes typ­i­cal­ly takes four or even five hours to play. Slow play is a real prob­lem in golf. Many new golfers lack prop­er eti­quette and sim­ply take to long to play. Search­ing too long for lost balls and not play­ing “ready” golf are two of the biggest prob­lems. It only takes one slow group on the course to real­ly slow down play. Com­mit­ting four plus hours with our busy lives is at many times dif­fi­cult.

It is much eas­i­er to find the two to two and a half hours for nine holes. This is espe­cial­ly true if you work dur­ing the day and want to squeeze in a round after work. Cours­es are less crowd­ed on week­days than they are on the week­ends and sum­mer evenings are a great time for golf.

Endurance to golf eigh­teen holes effec­tive­ly is anoth­er chal­lenge for many golfers. Many begin­ner golfers will get phys­i­cal­ly and men­tal­ly tired before the end of eigh­teen holes. This leads to miss hits and frus­tra­tion. Walk­ing, stretch­ing, and core strength­en­ing will all help you build up the sta­mi­na for 18 holes. Until you get there, it’s many times just eas­i­er to golf nine holes.

You may want to estab­lish a hand­i­cap. Unless you’re plan­ning to play in offi­cial tour­na­ments, and if you’re a begin­ner you’re prob­a­bly not, there’s no need for an offi­cial USGA or R&A hand­i­cap. Most cours­es will help you estab­lish a local course hand­i­cap and this can eas­i­ly be done by using nine hole rounds.

You can even estab­lish a com­pli­ant course hand­i­cap by your­self by using one of sev­er­al apps. Here at Shoot­ing 90 we rec­om­mend using The­Grint to cre­ate your hand­i­cap and track your stats.

Even if you still want an offi­cial hand­i­cap, you can still com­bine nine hole rounds to estab­lish one.

Golf­ing is a game that is meant to be fun and there’s noth­ing wrong with golf­ing nine hole rounds when you can’t do eigh­teen.


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