Bucket of ballsConsistency is the main factor separating amateur golfers from professionals. I know what you’re thinking. Professional golfers can hit some amazing golf shots that I could never pull off. That is absolutely true but their success stems more from consistently good, not amazing, shots in every area of their game.

Better consistency in your golf swing is a big part of an improving your game. From your grip to your follow through, a consistent swing will allow you to hit good shots with every club in your bag. Sometimes you can feel inconsistencies in your own swing. However, it is much easier to see the problems in your swing. Today’s technology makes it both easy and affordable to record video of your swing. Most digital still cameras have a video mode while standalone video cameras can be purchased for under $100. These devices allow you to easily record and playback your swing to finds areas for improvement. Playing partners are also an excellent source for finding inconsistencies in your swing. Hopefully you have the opportunity to regularly play with golfers who are better than you. Not only will golfing with better golfers naturally improve your game, they are in a better position to analyze your swing. While video recording and playing partners can identify areas to improve, some high handicap golfers have difficulty implementing swing fixes on their own. I recommend these golfers inquire about lessons from a golf professional in their area. Most golf courses have a golf professional on staff. Both single lessons or multiple lesson packages are available for a reasonable price. It may only take only a lesson or two to enable you to implement swing fixes on your own.

Many amateurs do not have enough consistency in their pre-shot routine. This is also true for pre-putt routines. The pre-shot routine is where you visualize and align the shot. Get in the habit of following the same routine before each shot. It will allow you to more consistently hit your intended targets.

Course management is how you work your way around the course. Knowing what club to hit off of the tee, knowing when to lay up or go for the green, and knowing how to get out of trouble quickly and back into play are all important parts of your game. Choosing the right club for the situation will improve your scoring. Properly getting out of trouble will help you to minimize blowup holes. I define blowup holes as holes with a score of triple bogey or worse. We can recover from a double bogey by picking up a par on a later hole. Triple bogeys or worse are much harder to recover from and will lead to a high score for the round.

Consistency will be an underlying theme of many if not all of the posts here on Shooting 90. More consistency in our golf game is what will drive us to become bogey golfers and beyond.

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