5 Ways to Shoot 90 This Year

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, you are not alone as many others do as well. My personal feeling is if you want to make definitive change in your life you should do so immediately. The time of the year should make no difference. But since New Year’s is a popular time to talk resolutions, here’s our list on 5 ways to shoot 90 this year.

1. Practice

Many high handicap golfers have decent swings and the ability to produce good golf shots. Consistency is the missing ingredient for many golfers. Practicing a fundamentally sound swing is the fastest way to build the consistency necessary to improve your game.  How do you think the pros get their game to a high level? They hit a thousand balls a week. Obviously most amateur golfers have neither the time nor the desire to commit that much effort to their golf game. The good thing is we do not have to commit a lot of time to improve our games. By maximizing your practice time, you can significantly improve your golf game with one hour of practice a week. Be sure to practice your chipping and putting. Many golfers hit balls on the range but ignore the most important area of their game – the short game.

2. Play More

Along with regular practice, you need to play often to improve your game. Expecting to elevate your game by playing 12 times a year is unrealistic. Make a goal this year to play every week. No matter how well you simulate shots in your practice, there are components of your game you can only improve on the golf course. Join a league or set a standing weekly tee time with your golfing companions.

3. Get Help with your Golf Swing

Many of us at some point have had a serious swing flaw that has prevented us from hitting consistent shots. This may be slicing your drives, hitting a fairway wood fat, or any other shot issue. To move from being a high handicap golfer to shooting 90, you need to correct reoccurring problems with any of your shots. Amateurs will always have the occasional bad shots, but it is impossible to improve your game having to continually compensate for mishits. The fastest way to correct problems with your swing is with the help of a teaching professionalThere are many ways to get help, including your local club professional and clinics.

4. Hit More Greens in Regulation

One requirement to become a low handicap golfer is to increase the number of greens you hit in regulation. Hitting a high number  of greens in regulation is the secret to scoring low. Hitting more greens is also essential for a high handicap golfer to move to shooting bogey golf. It takes pressure off of two areas of a high handicapper’s game that are usually laking – chipping and bunker play. Proper club selection and a GPS can help you increase the number of greens in regulation you are hitting.

5. Drastically Reduce 3 Putts

Whatever level your golf game may be at, putting will play a huge role in taking your game to the next level. For high handicap golfers, this means reducing the number of times you three putt a green. Three putts will either ruin a good scoring opportunity or compound previous mistakes on a hole and lead to a blow-up hole. Being realistic, high handicappers will rarely go through a round without three putting a green. However, reducing the total number of putts during a round ultimately will lead to better scoring. The easiest way to reduce the total number of putts per round is to reduce the number of three putts you have. Improving your putting involves correctly determining the speed and reading the break.

Are you willing to commit the time and effort this year to move from being a high handicap golfer to shooting 90? Increase your practice and playing time and you’ll be on your way!

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