5 Reasons to Join a Golf League

Have you been con­sid­er­ing join­ing a golf league? Have you been hes­i­tant because you are a begin­ner or high hand­i­cap golfer? Actu­al­ly play­ing in a golf league is a great way to improve your game. Here’s five rea­sons why you should join a golf league!

1. A golf league is fun!

Some­times we need to remem­ber that golf is a game and is to be enjoyed. You’ll meet and get to know many oth­er golfers through the dura­tion of the league. You’ll get to play oth­er two-per­son teams out on the course and social­ize with the entire league at the 19th hole after­ward. A golf league is a great way to net­work for both friend­ships and busi­ness con­nec­tions.

2. You are able to com­pete on an even play­ing field.

Golf allows you to estab­lish a hand­i­cap which is applied against what­ev­er course you are play­ing on. Your oppo­nent also has a hand­i­cap. Depend­ing on the dif­fer­ence in hand­i­caps, you will either receive or give strokes for the round. What holes you give or receive the strokes on depends on the hand­i­cap rat­ing of each hole. Gen­er­al­ly the more dif­fi­cult holes are the ones with the low­est hand­i­cap rat­ing and the ones where you will give or receive strokes. Hand­i­caps allow golfers of all skill lev­els to com­pete against one anoth­er.

3. Friend­ly com­pe­ti­tion dri­ves you to improve your game.

It’s human nature that none of us like to lose. The desire to golf well in league will pro­duce more focused prac­tice ses­sions. I’m not say­ing you nec­es­sar­i­ly need to be the best golfer in your league but you will feel the desire to improve your play in your league. Many golf leagues rec­og­nize the most improved play­er for the sea­son so you may be reward­ed for your efforts!

4. You have a week­ly sched­uled time to golf.

We all live busy lives. Some­times find­ing time to golf is chal­leng­ing. By com­mit­ting to play in a league, you are insur­ing you will golf at least once a week. Addi­tion­al prac­tice time on the range is very impor­tant, but just as impor­tant is golf­ing on a con­sis­tent basis. Your swing is just part of your golf game. Only on the course will you get the valu­able expe­ri­ence in course man­age­ment need­ed to improve your game.

5. Learn from golf­ing with bet­ter play­ers.

As a begin­ner or high hand­i­cap golfer, part­ner with some­one who is slight­ly bet­ter than you are, maybe some­one who is close to or already shoot­ing 90. Golf­ing with bet­ter golfers will help you improve your game by watch­ing how they man­age their way around the course. The key is to find some­one to golf with who is bet­ter than you but not so much bet­ter that you are intim­i­dat­ed play­ing with them.

I hope I’ve con­vinced you of the ben­e­fits of join­ing a golf league. It’s a great way to both fur­ther your enjoy­ment of the game and improve your skills.


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