5 Reasons to Join a Golf League

Have you been considering joining a golf league? Have you been hesitant because you are a beginner or high handicap golfer? Actually playing in a golf league is a great way to improve your game. Here’s five reasons why you should join a golf league!

1. A golf league is fun!

Sometimes we need to remember that golf is a game and is to be enjoyed. You’ll meet and get to know many other golfers through the duration of the league. You’ll get to play other two-person teams out on the course and socialize with the entire league at the 19th hole afterward. A golf league is a great way to network for both friendships and business connections.

2. You are able to compete on an even playing field.

Golf allows you to establish a handicap which is applied against whatever course you are playing on. Your opponent also has a handicap. Depending on the difference in handicaps, you will either receive or give strokes for the round. What holes you give or receive the strokes on depends on the handicap rating of each hole. Generally the more difficult holes are the ones with the lowest handicap rating and the ones where you will give or receive strokes. Handicaps allow golfers of all skill levels to compete against one another.

3. Friendly competition drives you to improve your game.

It’s human nature that none of us like to lose. The desire to golf well in league will produce more focused practice sessions. I’m not saying you necessarily need to be the best golfer in your league but you will feel the desire to improve your play in your league. Many golf leagues recognize the most improved player for the season so you may be rewarded for your efforts!

4. You have a weekly scheduled time to golf.

We all live busy lives. Sometimes finding time to golf is challenging. By committing to play in a league, you are insuring you will golf at least once a week. Additional practice time on the range is very important, but just as important is golfing on a consistent basis. Your swing is just part of your golf game. Only on the course will you get the valuable experience in course management needed to improve your game.

5. Learn from golfing with better players.

As a beginner or high handicap golfer, partner with someone who is slightly better than you are, maybe someone who is close to or already shooting 90. Golfing with better golfers will help you improve your game by watching how they manage their way around the course. The key is to find someone to golf with who is better than you but not so much better that you are intimidated playing with them.

I hope I’ve convinced you of the benefits of joining a golf league. It’s a great way to both further your enjoyment of the game and improve your skills.


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