Improve Your Pitch Shot

As beginner and high handicap golfers improve their game, they become increasing proficient in getting near the green in regulation. They are putting in a lot of work on their full swing and that is showing results in getting near the green in one stroke on a par 3, two strokes on a par 4, and three strokes on a par 5. Many times this leaves an awkward 20 to 50 yard pitch shot left to the green.

Amateurs often struggle with the pitch shot. The biggest reason for this is that the pitch shot is not a full swing distance for their sand wedge. Amateurs are sometimes not sure the best way to control distance. Many try to vary the distance of their shot by changing the pace of their swing. This is extremely challenging and requires a great deal of feel. A better way to control the distance of your pitch shot is to keep your normal pace but vary the length of your swing.

Practice your pitch shots with varying swing lengths. Know how far you hit your pitch shot when you take your hands back to waist high and back through to waist high. Do the same for other reference points, like taking your hands back and through to shoulder high, for example. By practicing your pitch shots with different length swings on the range, you will have much more confidence pitching on the course. The reason is simple. You will know how long your swing has to be to hit your pitch shot far enough to reach the hole.

Check out the video below as Thor Lokey explains varying your swing length to dial in your pitching distances.


  1. Great article and great advice. Controlling pitch shots will improve a players score. The key to all advice is practice – focused practice on techniques that work for the player.


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