When and Where to Find Help for your Golf Game

Many of us have been fortunate to have had some type of formal golf instruction at some point in our lives. For me it was two years on my high school golf team. I had golfed before that but it wasn’t until high school when I was able to create a solid foundation for my swing and my enjoyment of the game increased. I have no doubt my enjoyment of the game increased at this time because I was able to build that solid foundation with the help of my coaches.

Some amount of formal golf instruction is highly beneficial to getting maximum enjoyment from playing golf. Many of us can maintain and improve our swings. However, I feel this is only after we have a solid foundation. Creating a solid swing from which to build on is much easier with the help of formal instruction. But how much instruction does one need? Of course that depends on the individual. Some golfers can come out of a thirty minute lesson with a fundamentally correct swing. Others take more time.

So when should we seek formal instruction? You can already guess one of the times is if you are a beginner and not had instruction before. I believe at least some type of formal instruction is important to succeed in golf if for nothing more than creating a good foundation to built upon.

There are other times when formal instruction is the best thing for your game.

You compensate for a regular slice (or hook). I’m surprised at how many golfers I see compensate for their consistent slice off the tee. This cuts down on the number of holes you can use your driver on. Some holes will simply not have enough room for you to start your ball that far off the fairway. Even on the holes that do provide enough room, your chance of hitting the fairway is reduced by hitting a slice. Find help to straighten out your drives.

You have compensated for a recent injury and cannot get your pre-injury swing back. A solid golf swing involves almost every muscle group in your body. So it’s no surprise that there are many injuries that could affect your swing. Get help if you’re having trouble with your swing after recovering from an injury.

You have over-analyzed, over-tinkered with, and basically lost your swing. This has happened to me at times. Fortunately we can get our swing back ourselves most if not all of the time. But what if you can’t get your swing back? Find some help if you’ve made a mess of your swing and can’t get it back.

You want to quickly take your game to the next level. Once you have a fundamentally sound swing, you can make progress on your own. Taking advantage of instruction will accelerate this process. Why do you think the pros have coaches? Hire a golf coach if you want to accelerate the improvement in your game.

There are several places to find golf instruction.

Private lessons from your local golf course professional

Almost every course has a resident golf professional. The average rate for private lessons from local pros in my area is $60 per hour. You can also go in with your spouse or friend. Many pros offer group lessons at lower rates.

A clinic at your local golf course

Many courses offer golf clinics throughout the season. These are cheaper alternatives to private lessons. Many courses also offer junior clinics which are a great way to introduce children to the game of golf.

A golf school

There are several golf schools around the country that offer 2 to 5 day sessions. These are quite expensive, starting at around $1000, but offer a level of golf instruction not available anywhere else.

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