The Chipping Game

High handicap and beginner golfers lose a lot of strokes around the green. Yet it’s probably the area that golfers practice the least. How often do you see someone chipping by the practice green?

My 12 year old son started taking his golf game more seriously this season. Like many beginner golfers, he made quick improvements in his long game from tee to green, but still gives up too many strokes around and on the green.

We’ve identified the need to emphasize practicing chipping and putting, but chipping and putting ball after ball from the same spots is not the way. There’s been a lot written lately about the need to practice like you play in order to simulate real shots and golf round pressure.

My son and I play a game for our chipping practice. It’s simple, fun, and provides a large amount of chipping and putting practice.

Each player plays one ball. Players alternate choosing the spot off the green to chip from along with the hole on the practice green to chip to. The object is to get your ball in the hole in the less strokes than your opponent. No points are awarded to either player in a tie. The winning player receives three points if they chip it in with one stroke, two points for getting “up and down” in two strokes, and one point for getting the ball in the hole in three strokes. No points are awarded for four or more strokes even if you get in the hole in less strokes than your opponent. The winner of the match is the first player to reach ten points.

This chipping game is a great way to simulate real golf round pressure both with the match play aspect and the need to get the ball in the hole in three strokes or less.


  1. Thanks for the pointers on the chipping game. I developed a similar game for myself that has helped my green side play quite a bit. I get out my putter, SW, PW, 9 Iron and 7 iron, and use them to hit various targets. I choose targets ranging from 3 yards to about 30 yards, and try to hit the ball to “putting distance” with each club. One stroke each club, random order, no repeats. I don’t hit the 7 iron to the shortest targets, nor the putter to the longest, but otherwise I try to use all the clubs. I do this every time I am at the range with about a quarter to a third of my range balls.

    My green side play has improved with this game. It seems to help that I get only one stroke per club per target. That better simulates a real round. It also helps to hit the same distance with a variety of clubs, because each real shot will vary with regard to landing zone and run out.

    Now if I could only learn to hit my driver and my fairway woods on the same day…

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