Practice Year Round at an Indoor Golf Facility

This past weekend, my wife and I made the four hour trip from our home in northern Wisconsin to Minneapolis. Most of the weekend was spent attending a trade show for my wife’s business. Even so it was a nice getaway and we did find time to have some fun.

I found time Saturday afternoon to have a great time at Inside Edge Golf, an indoor golf facility in Eden Prairie, MN. It was my first trip to such a facility. I had previously interacted with @insideedgegolf on Twitter, and since I knew I was going to the Twin Cities, I jumped at the chance to check it out.

Inside Edge Golf has nine aboutGolf PGA Tour simulators. Seven of the simulators are Classic models, one is a Widescreen (5 feet wider screen than the Classic), and one is a three-screen SimSurround. Each simulator has incredible 3D graphics and offer the choice of over 50 world famous courses to play. Inside Edge Golf also has an 1800 square foot putting green.

I knew I would not have a lot of time but still wanted to experience both a simulator and the putting green so earlier in the week I reserved a half hour on a Classic Simulator and a half hour on the putting green. Inside Edge recommends reserving simulator time three to four days in advance, especially for weekend times.

The simulators are incredibly easy to use. The staff at Inside Edge was extremely friendly in explaining the simulator and answering any questions. I first warmed up with a few shots in practice range mode. It was my first time on a simulator so obviously I was going to play an actual course, but if I had the ability to visit Inside Edge on a regular basis, I could see myself reserving simulator time for the sole purpose of hitting balls on the range. The simulator records all of the important data such as clubhead speed, ball speed, ball spin, projected trajectory and distance. The instant feedback after every shot is instrumental in improving your results. Lessons are even available on a simulator from an on staff PGA professional.

As I mentioned earlier, there are over fifty courses to choose from. I chose TPC Scottsdale, probably because it was fresh in my mind from the recent Waste Management Open. I only had a half hour so I wasn’t able to get a whole round in but was able to finish 11 holes. Anything within 12 feet of the hole is considered a gimme. This speeds up play and makes total sense since the strength of the simulator is the analysis of full swings. On the floor of the simulator is an area with a tee, a short carpet mat which is the fairway, and a thicker mat which is the rough. Where you place the ball to hit depends on where you are on the screen. Playing a round on your favorite course is realistic enough to help you work on your full swing. Since you are charged for how long you use a simulator, I did find myself rushed to finish holes. I’m sure this being my first time had a lot to do with this and one would feel less and less rushed the more they used a simulator. Inside Edge offers league play which be a great way to break up the winter and keep your skills up until spring.

After the simulator, I spent some time on Inside Edge’s 1800 square foot putting green. It features both flat and breaking putts along with various lies off the side of the green to practice chipping. There is even a mini-flop wall to perfect your flop shots!

I recommend anyone within an hour’s drive of an indoor golf facility such as Inside Edge Golf to take full advantage. You have the ability to work on your game throughout the winter, on rainy days, and at night. Unfortunately I do not live close enough to an indoor golf facility so I will be doing the next best thing and building a simulator in my house before next fall.


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