Indoor Full Swing Practice

The win­ters can be are long here in north­ern Wis­con­sin. Cours­es are closed by the third week­end in Octo­ber and will not open until April. Those of us who want to improve our games the quick­est must move our prac­tice indoors.

I’ve already writ­ten about my vis­it to Inside Edge Golf. What an awe­some facil­i­ty. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I live almost a four hour dri­ve from Inside Edge in the Twin Cities area.

We cur­rent­ly uti­lize Pre­mier Sports Acad­e­my just out­side Wausau, WI for access to a golf sim­u­la­tor. They are pri­mar­i­ly an indoor base­ball facil­i­ty, with some soc­cer and golf. They have a very nice room with an about­Golf sim­u­la­tor, the same sim­u­la­tors that can be found at Inside Edge Golf.

The golf at Pre­mier Sports Acad­e­my is in it’s own room, com­plete­ly sep­a­rat­ed from any oth­er activ­i­ties there. I love that, espe­cial­ly for instruc­tion. My son is get­ting instruc­tion there over the win­ter, gear­ing up for fresh­man high school golf in the spring.

I could also get used to being in a more open envi­ron­ment, such as in your own stall at Inside Edge Golf. That set­up does have its advan­tages, such as when play­ing in a league, which would be much more social at a big­ger, more open facil­i­ty.

My son and I play 18 holes on the sim­u­la­tor after his instruc­tion. Play­ing on a sim­u­la­tor is great but it is not a replace­ment for the real thing. If our win­ters were 40 degree Fahren­heit weath­er so our cours­es could remain open, I’d be at the course prac­tic­ing and play­ing, nev­er once going to the sim­u­la­tor. Sim­u­la­tors are fan­tas­tic for full swing, even half and three quar­ter swing work, but the real­ism drops off dra­mat­i­cal­ly for pitch­ing, chip­ping and putting. Here’s the num­ber one prob­lem with sim­u­la­tors. It’s the same prob­lem that the prac­tice range presents you. A golf sim­u­la­tor serves up a per­fect lie on every shot. There is just no sim­u­la­tion for real ground on a real course. You can sim­u­late wind on a sim­u­la­tor, it’s just dif­fi­cult to sim­u­late rough and angled lies. You should be scor­ing low­er on a sim­u­la­tor, just for this rea­son.

So before a few places in Wausau fig­ured out how to make sim­u­la­tors finan­cial­ly viable for them, it would have been a 3 hour dri­ve for us to get sim­u­la­tor time. Even the hour and a half dri­ve we do now could not be pos­si­ble for some of you. I get that.

The next best option is to build your own indoor golf net.

Ide­al­ly, you would have a spot for the net in your base­ment or in a heat­ed garage or shed. Our net is in the unfin­ished side of our base­ment. Those with­out a spot in their house could look near­by for pos­si­bil­i­ties. I know I could get access to the gym in our com­mu­ni­ty cen­ter. The indoor golf net we have built is not eas­i­ly portable although I won­der if I could leave the net there and allow oth­ers to use it.

Of course, rarely is any solu­tion per­fect. Our base­ment height only allows us to swing irons. There is not enough clear­ance for us to swing dri­vers. An incon­ve­nience for sure, but def­i­nite­ly not a deal break­er. Most swing con­cepts are the same for irons and dri­vers, and we just work on dri­ver a bit more when we get back out­side.

My point here is that a DIY indoor golf net is an option for many of us.

It is impor­tant to prac­tice your full swing year round. It is also more impor­tant to prac­tice your short game and putting year round, and in an upcom­ing post we’ll look into easy ways to do that.

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