Improving Your Golf Game During Winter

As winter quickly approaches across the northern hemisphere, courses begin to close for the season, and our thoughts turn away from golf. But winter can be a great time to improve your golf game. By working on your game over the winter, you can be ahead of where you left off in the fall and avoid a slow start in the spring.

There are several things you can do in the winter to improve your golf game.

Begin a Stretching and Strengthening Program

Increased strength and flexibility benefits your swing in multiple areas. You will have increased hip and shoulder rotation and faster clubhead speed resulting in a more consistent swing and added distance.

While you can begin a golf specific exercise program, a general strength and stretching program may be best for high handicap golfers who do not currently exercise regularly. A general exercise program that includes stretching and strength training will be easier to implement and stick with while still providing many benefits.

By starting an exercise program in the fall, you will immediately see the benefits your first time on the course in the spring.

Create a Consistent Swing

A consistent swing is created by repetition and muscle learning. Only by repeating a proper swing can you train your muscles and obtain the muscle memory needed for a swing that you can repeat without thinking about it. One of the big challenges for high handicap golfers is creating a consistent swing that can be executed without a lot of thoughts going through your head.

There are several options for working on your swing during the winter.

    • Practice regularly at an indoor or heated driving range. This may be the best option if you are fortunate enough to have one close to you.
    • Use an indoor practice mat and net at home. An indoor net allows you to practice your full swing with real golf balls.


The Net Return Pro Series Net

The only golf net in the world that automatically returns the golf ball to the golfer. Our Pro Series net can also be used for additional sports with no modifications, this includes Soccer, Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse.

  • No matter where you are practicing your swing, you need to be analyzing it in order to make necessary adjustments. The most prevalent way for amateurs to do this is to videotape their swing. This is still a viable method but requires a tripod or camera mount and multiple angles. Recently, swing analyzers that traditionally were too expensive for a single golfer, have dropped below the $150 price point. These devices attach to your club and transmit swing data to your smartphone or tablet.

    Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer

    The Swingbyte Golf Training Device pairs a smartphone or tablet compatible application with a lightweight swing sensor that attaches directly to your golf club–allowing you to capture and analyze your swing for improved results on the course. The Swingbyte device secures easily to any golf club just below the grip–and out of your way.

    SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer Package

    SwingTIP lets you capture, analyze and visually examine your golf swing anytime, anywhere – at home, on the range or on the course. Let SwingTIP be your mobile golf swing coach. So small it fits into your pocket. So lightweight, that it won’t affect your swing. Use it anytime, and every time, you swing. Clip the SwingTIP sensor onto your favorite club, just below the grip. Take a swing. Within seconds, it wirelessly transmits your golf swing analysis data to your mobile device for viewing (iOS 5.1 orAndroid 2.3+).

Perfect Your Putting

Your putting stroke is easier than other areas of your game to work on indoors. Synthetic putting surfaces have continued to improve. Working on your putting stroke and distance over the winter will help you sink more putts and cut down on three putts when spring arrives.

SYNLawn Portable Golf Green (3 x 8)

SYNLawn Portable Golf Green – 3 x 8 The SYNLawn Portable Golf Green is a versatile practice putting green designed to accurately replicate the surface and performance of a true professional putting green.

SYNLawn Portable Golf Green (3 x 8)
StarPro Greens Three Hole Practice Putting Green (3 x 9)

StarPro Greens 3 x 9 Practice Putting Green (3-Hole): Putting realism is all about the turf. StarPros 90 oz. nylon turf is engineered for one thing and one thing only, putting realism. Their 3/4 in. nylon filaments are twisted and heat set to 1/2 in. to play and feel like real bent grass, and sheared for true roll and perfect country club speed.

StarPro Greens Three Hole Practice Putting Green (3 x 9)

Take this winter as an opportunity to advance your golf game. Instead of taking the winter off, put in some work and you’ll see an improved golf game in the spring.

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