Improving Your Golf Game During Winter

As win­ter quick­ly approach­es across the north­ern hemi­sphere, cours­es begin to close for the sea­son, and our thoughts turn away from golf. But win­ter can be a great time to improve your golf game. By work­ing on your game over the win­ter, you can be ahead of where you left off in the fall and avoid a slow start in the spring.

There are sev­er­al things you can do in the win­ter to improve your golf game.

Begin a Stretch­ing and Strength­en­ing Pro­gram

Increased strength and flex­i­bil­i­ty ben­e­fits your swing in mul­ti­ple areas. You will have increased hip and shoul­der rota­tion and faster club­head speed result­ing in a more con­sis­tent swing and added dis­tance.

While you can begin a golf spe­cif­ic exer­cise pro­gram, a gen­er­al strength and stretch­ing pro­gram may be best for high hand­i­cap golfers who do not cur­rent­ly exer­cise reg­u­lar­ly. A gen­er­al exer­cise pro­gram that includes stretch­ing and strength train­ing will be eas­i­er to imple­ment and stick with while still pro­vid­ing many ben­e­fits.

By start­ing an exer­cise pro­gram in the fall, you will imme­di­ate­ly see the ben­e­fits your first time on the course in the spring.

Cre­ate a Con­sis­tent Swing

A con­sis­tent swing is cre­at­ed by rep­e­ti­tion and mus­cle learn­ing. Only by repeat­ing a prop­er swing can you train your mus­cles and obtain the mus­cle mem­o­ry need­ed for a swing that you can repeat with­out think­ing about it. One of the big chal­lenges for high hand­i­cap golfers is cre­at­ing a con­sis­tent swing that can be exe­cut­ed with­out a lot of thoughts going through your head.

There are sev­er­al options for work­ing on your swing dur­ing the win­ter.

    • Prac­tice reg­u­lar­ly at an indoor or heat­ed dri­ving range. This may be the best option if you are for­tu­nate enough to have one close to you.
    • Use an indoor prac­tice mat and net at home. An indoor net allows you to prac­tice your full swing with real golf balls.


The Net Return Pro Series Net

The only golf net in the world that auto­mat­i­cal­ly returns the golf ball to the golfer. Our Pro Series net can also be used for addi­tion­al sports with no mod­i­fi­ca­tions, this includes Soc­cer, Base­ball, Soft­ball and Lacrosse.

  • No mat­ter where you are prac­tic­ing your swing, you need to be ana­lyz­ing it in order to make nec­es­sary adjust­ments. The most preva­lent way for ama­teurs to do this is to video­tape their swing. This is still a viable method but requires a tri­pod or cam­era mount and mul­ti­ple angles. Recent­ly, swing ana­lyz­ers that tra­di­tion­al­ly were too expen­sive for a sin­gle golfer, have dropped below the $150 price point. These devices attach to your club and trans­mit swing data to your smart­phone or tablet.
    Swing­byte Golf Swing Ana­lyz­er

    The Swing­byte Golf Train­ing Device pairs a smart­phone or tablet com­pat­i­ble appli­ca­tion with a light­weight swing sen­sor that attach­es direct­ly to your golf club–allowing you to cap­ture and ana­lyze your swing for improved results on the course. The Swing­byte device secures eas­i­ly to any golf club just below the grip–and out of your way.

    SwingTIP Wire­less Golf Swing Ana­lyz­er Pack­age

    SwingTIP lets you cap­ture, ana­lyze and visu­al­ly exam­ine your golf swing any­time, any­where – at home, on the range or on the course. Let SwingTIP be your mobile golf swing coach. So small it fits into your pock­et. So light­weight, that it won’t affect your swing. Use it any­time, and every time, you swing. Clip the SwingTIP sen­sor onto your favorite club, just below the grip. Take a swing. With­in sec­onds, it wire­less­ly trans­mits your golf swing analy­sis data to your mobile device for view­ing (iOS 5.1 orAn­droid 2.3+).

Per­fect Your Putting

Your putting stroke is eas­i­er than oth­er areas of your game to work on indoors. Syn­thet­ic putting sur­faces have con­tin­ued to improve. Work­ing on your putting stroke and dis­tance over the win­ter will help you sink more putts and cut down on three putts when spring arrives.

SYN­Lawn Portable Golf Green (3 x 8)

SYN­Lawn Portable Golf Green — 3 x 8 The SYN­Lawn Portable Golf Green is a ver­sa­tile prac­tice putting green designed to accu­rate­ly repli­cate the sur­face and per­for­mance of a true pro­fes­sion­al putting green.

SYNLawn Portable Golf Green (3 x 8)
StarPro Greens Three Hole Prac­tice Putting Green (3 x 9)

StarPro Greens 3 x 9 Prac­tice Putting Green (3-Hole): Putting real­ism is all about the turf. StarPros 90 oz. nylon turf is engi­neered for one thing and one thing only, putting real­ism. Their 3/4 in. nylon fil­a­ments are twist­ed and heat set to 1/2 in. to play and feel like real bent grass, and sheared for true roll and per­fect coun­try club speed.

StarPro Greens Three Hole Practice Putting Green (3 x 9)

Take this win­ter as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to advance your golf game. Instead of tak­ing the win­ter off, put in some work and you’ll see an improved golf game in the spring.

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