The Golf Club for Xbox One

Every­one in win­ter cli­mates should be find­ing ways to prac­tice their real golf game indoors through­out the win­ter. Besides work­ing on your game, there are not many things to keep up your inter­est in golf. There are few­er tour­na­ments to watch on TV and those that are on are miss­ing many top play­ers. Golf video games are a great way to keep your inter­est in golf dur­ing the long win­ters.

Since EA Sports dis­con­tin­ued the Tiger Woods golf fran­chise, many have pon­dered the future of the golf genre for video game con­soles. Pow­er­star Golf and The Golf Club have filled the void very well.

Pow­er­star Golf would be a great choice if you’re look­ing for some­thing to replace Tiger Woods. Game play is much the same with swing pow­er meters and career modes offer­ing upgrad­ed equip­ment and abil­i­ties to bet­ter your scor­ing. The physics engine in Pow­er­Star Golf offers real­is­tic ball flights and rolls.

The Golf Club offers a slight­ly dif­fer­ent golf expe­ri­ence than any oth­er golf game on the Xbox One. Those who are will­ing to break away from the tra­di­tion­al Tiger Woods way of doing things and give The Golf Club a fair chance, will find it to be the best golf game cur­rent­ly avail­able for con­sole sys­tems.

There are no swing meters. Swing­ing is total­ly done by feel using the game pad stick. After the swing, a brief dis­play shows how you did. This takes a lit­tle get­ting used to but offers amaz­ing game play once you are used to it.

There is no career mode in The Golf Club. It instead uses a hand­i­cap sys­tem much like real golf. You are giv­en a hand­i­cap rat­ing after you golf five rounds. You can then play rounds, tour­na­ments, or whole tours. Your hand­i­cap is applied to your gross score and the leader­board is based on your net score after your hand­i­cap is applied. This is a great way to even out the play­ing field and allow peo­ple of dif­fer­ent abil­i­ties to play togeth­er. Your abil­i­ty is not based on how long you play the game as in oth­er career modes but rather your actu­al abil­i­ty.

When play­ing a round, you have the option between play­ing alone, with local mul­ti­play­er guests, or with ghosts of Inter­net play­ers.

Here’s where the only glar­ing weak­ness of The Golf Club shows up. There is no way for mul­ti­ple local Xbox accounts to log into the game and play against each oth­er in the same round. It would be great for up to 4 local play­ers to play togeth­er under their own accounts. Instead, each addi­tion­al local play­er is mere­ly a guest of the Xbox account logged in.

Play­ing against Inter­net ghosts is a very enjoy­able way to play. Ghosts are recent­ly record­ed rounds of oth­er real play­ers. You don’t wait for these play­ers to shoot, rather you see their shots and ball trails as you play. Their scores after each shot are updat­ed and you can see how you stack up to them as the round pro­gress­es.

The Golf Club also comes with the Greg Nor­man Course Design­er. You can design your own course and then pub­lish it allow­ing oth­ers to play it. Don’t go over­board on the trees or water set­tings as you’ll get trees and water in strange places. The course design­er lit­er­al­ly makes the num­ber of unique cours­es you can play unlim­it­ed. The abil­i­ty to play all of the cours­es designed by oth­ers keeps the game fresh.

Besides the miss­ing local mul­ti­play­er sup­port, the only oth­er crit­i­cism of The Golf Club would be the graph­ics. While the graph­ics are accept­able, I was expect­ing bet­ter on the Xbox One. Hope­ful­ly the next ver­sion takes full advan­tage of the plat­form.

Check out The Golf Club for some indoor golf fun!

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