Two Areas of Fitness to Improve Your Golf

Many of us do not get enough exercise in our lives. The most handy excuse we give is that we simply do not have enough time in our busy lives. In reality, we probably lack the required discipline and desire to lead as healthy of lifestyles as we should. It may be unrealistic to think we will implement a full blown golf fitness program. Most amateur golfers simply do not have this level of commitment to their golf games.

There are two areas of personal fitness that golfers can focus on with little time commitment that will have the most positive impact on their game, flexibility and endurance. Lifting weights is not one of them. Big muscles do not directly translate into hitting the ball farther and certainly aren’t required for a consistent swing. Hitting your shots farther is achieved by increasing your clubhead speed. Otherwise beanpole sixteen year olds could not hit 300 yard drives.

Flexibility is key in getting the proper rotation and turn in your golf swing. Many high handicap and beginner golfers do not have enough rotation in their swing. They compensate their lack of rotation by either swaying and swinging too much with their arms. Both of these actions can lead to an over the top, outside to in swing which often results in a slice. Full rotation in your golf wing is beneficial in creating a consistent, inside to out swing.

Increasing your flexibility will make it easier to increase your rotation in your swing. While stretching everyday is ideal, increased flexibility can be realized by stretching as little as twenty minutes three times a week. Pilates and yoga are two of the most popular methods to stretch today. The benefit of Pilates or yoga is that in addition to increasing your flexibility, both also strengthen your core muscles (without lifting weights!). A strengthened core promotes better balance which helps with consistency in your swing.

Endurance is an area of fitness that most amateur golfers overlook. It is especially overlooked by those who ride a cart. Why do I need to worry about endurance when I don’t even walk my round? You’d be surprised how many golfers tire by the end of their round because they’re simply not in shape. Walking more throughout your day is a great way to build your endurance and improve your overall fitness. The easiest way to increase the number of steps you take a week is to begin walking your golf round. Walk using a pull cart instead of riding a powered cart. There are also many other areas of your life you can increase your walking. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do you have a dog? Take him for regular walks. He’ll love you for it and you’ll be creating a healthier you.

Take at least a total of an hour a week to stretch your body. Find ways to include more walking in your daily life. Your golf game will thank you for it.


  1. Depends if you want to hit the ball with power or make a slapping pass at the ball. Use the left side if you want to hit the ball shagirtt or create a draw. If your swing is all right handed you can count on inconsistent shots such as the slice or pull hooks. Your choice.

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