The Real Best Golf Balls for Beginners

In the past posts Best Golf Balls for Begin­ners and Choos­ing the Right Golf Ball, we’ve talked about match­ing your golf game to the cor­rect ball. By play­ing a two-piece golf ball, you’ll save mon­ey as the cost is only around one dol­lar per ball. You also gain dis­tance and reduce ball spin off the tee which will help min­i­mize your slice or hook.

How­ev­er, the golf ball you play does rel­a­tive­ly lit­tle by itself to improve your game. By com­par­i­son, the irons you play have a much greater impact on your game. For exam­ple, high hand­i­cap and begin­ner golfers should be play super game-improve­ment irons. Super game-improve­ment irons will give a golfer much more for­give­ness than a golf ball ever could.

A golf ball does very lit­tle to mask major swing flaws. High hand­i­cap and begin­ner golfers should choose a two-piece ball brand and play it con­sis­tent­ly, tak­ing advan­tage of its cost, dis­tance, and reduced spin.

So what are the real best golf balls for begin­ners? Of course the answer is the prac­tice ball. The quick­est way to improv­ing your game is through prac­tice, not equip­ment. Reg­u­lar time at the prac­tice range is vital for becom­ing a bet­ter golfer. It is impor­tant to not use your prac­tice time to just whack ball after ball. Your time is too impor­tant and lim­it­ed to waste prac­tic­ing in a non-opti­mal way.

Too many golfers head to the prac­tice range and hit ball after ball with their dri­ver. While it is very nec­es­sary to learn how to hit your dri­ver, you should split your prac­tice time between full swing, short game, and putting. Spend one third of your prac­tice time in each area. Address­ing each area of your game in prac­tice is required to improve your over­all game.

Do long win­ters pro­hib­it you from vis­it­ing your local course’s prac­tice range for months at a time? Vis­it a local indoor golf facil­i­ty and spend reg­u­lar time on one of their sim­u­la­tors. The instant feed­back you receive on club head speed, ball spin, ball flight path and more puts you on the fast path to improv­ing your swing.

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