The Real Best Golf Balls for Beginners

In the past posts Best Golf Balls for Beginners and Choosing the Right Golf Ball, we’ve talked about matching your golf game to the correct ball. By playing a two-piece golf ball, you’ll save money as the cost is only around one dollar per ball. You also gain distance and reduce ball spin off the tee which will help minimize your slice or hook.

However, the golf ball you play does relatively little by itself to improve your game. By comparison, the irons you play have a much greater impact on your game. For example, high handicap and beginner golfers should be play super game-improvement irons. Super game-improvement irons will give a golfer much more forgiveness than a golf ball ever could.

A golf ball does very little to mask major swing flaws. High handicap and beginner golfers should choose a two-piece ball brand and play it consistently, taking advantage of its cost, distance, and reduced spin.

So what are the real best golf balls for beginners? Of course the answer is the practice ball. The quickest way to improving your game is through practice, not equipment. Regular time at the practice range is vital for becoming a better golfer. It is important to not use your practice time to just whack ball after ball. Your time is too important and limited to waste practicing in a non-optimal way.

Too many golfers head to the practice range and hit ball after ball with their driver. While it is very necessary to learn how to hit your driver, you should split your practice time between full swing, short game, and putting. Spend one third of your practice time in each area. Addressing each area of your game in practice is required to improve your overall game.

Do long winters prohibit you from visiting your local course’s practice range for months at a time? Visit a local indoor golf facility and spend regular time on one of their simulators. The instant feedback you receive on club head speed, ball spin, ball flight path and more puts you on the fast path to improving your swing.

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