SkyGolf SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Blue­tooth golf swing ana­lyz­ers pro­vide a large amount of infor­ma­tion about your full swing and putting stroke, all with a price tag well under $200. One of the best golf swing ana­lyz­ers avail­able is the SkyPro by Sky­Golf.

The SkyPro pro­vides mea­sure­ments on the fol­low­ing para­me­ters:

Speed Address
Club­head Speed Shaft Angle
Swing Tem­po Shaft Lean
Top of Back­swing Half Back
Back­swing Length Take­away Angle
Face Angle Face Angle
Shaft Direc­tion  Impact
Half Down Shaft Lean
Return Angle Shaft Angle
Face Angle Attack Angle


The SkyPro comes with a charg­ing cra­dle and USB cord. To charge, place the SkyPro in the cra­dle and plug in the USB cord to a com­put­er or wall charg­er. It is rec­om­mend­ed that you charge the SkyPro after every use. The only oth­er piece you will need before you get start­ed is the SkyPro app which is avail­able for free from both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Attach the SkyPro on the shaft of the club about one inch below the grip. When you open the SkyPro app, it will con­nect to the device and ask you to cal­i­brate. Cal­i­bra­tion is an easy three step process. Once the SkyPro is cal­i­brat­ed, you’re ready to start swing­ing!

The SkyPro will auto­mat­i­cal­ly detect when you have swung and trans­mit the data back to the app. From the app, you can rotate your swing 360 degrees and see infor­ma­tion for sev­er­al posi­tions of the swing. Alerts are also dis­played for para­me­ters that the app feels are out of nor­mal range. The num­ber of alerts are dis­played on the i next to the swing name at the top of the screen. Tap­ping the i icon will take you to a screen that dis­plays all of the para­me­ter read­ings.


The SkyPro golf swing ana­lyz­er is a great tool that will help the begin­ner or high-hand­i­cap golfer improve their swing. It is a great train­ing aid for increas­ing your swing speed, get­ting the right tem­po, con­trol­ling your club face and more! It can even by used for putting!

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