Should You Be Fitted For Golf Clubs?

Many beginner and high handicap golfers struggle with when and if to get custom fitted for golf clubs. Should a golfer who is buying their first set of clubs and just starting out in the game get custom fitted for clubs? Many say golfers should wait until they can consistently repeat a swing. But what exactly does that mean? What level of repeatability does one have to reach? We’re all going to have the occasional mishit.

There are many measurements and observations that are part of a custom club fitting. Some measurements are static such as your height and arm height. Other measurements pertain to your swing and are more dynamic, or fluid.

It is not the best idea to buy a set of clubs off the rack with no fitting whatsoever. You will create bad swing habits that may be difficult to correct later on if you adapt your swing to clubs that do not fit you.

At the very least, get fitted for shaft length, shaft flex, and lie. Starting with clubs that physically fit you will allow you to build a correct, consistent swing over time.

As time goes by, your swing will improve and at some point you will benefit from being refitted. You will have the consistent swing that can then be analyzed for spin rate, launch angle, and ball speed. This information can be used to determine the exact right clubs for your game.

If you are looking for a new set of clubs, be sure to make a fitting part of the process. It will be highly beneficial to your game. Any club fitter, whether they are a big retailer like Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy, or a smaller pro shop at your local course, will do a free or very inexpensive fitting when you are buying a new set of clubs.

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