Should You Be Fitted For Golf Clubs?

Many begin­ner and high hand­i­cap golfers strug­gle with when and if to get cus­tom fit­ted for golf clubs. Should a golfer who is buy­ing their first set of clubs and just start­ing out in the game get cus­tom fit­ted for clubs? Many say golfers should wait until they can con­sis­tent­ly repeat a swing. But what exact­ly does that mean? What lev­el of repeata­bil­i­ty does one have to reach? We’re all going to have the occa­sion­al mishit.

There are many mea­sure­ments and obser­va­tions that are part of a cus­tom club fit­ting. Some mea­sure­ments are sta­t­ic such as your height and arm height. Oth­er mea­sure­ments per­tain to your swing and are more dynam­ic, or flu­id.

It is not the best idea to buy a set of clubs off the rack with no fit­ting what­so­ev­er. You will cre­ate bad swing habits that may be dif­fi­cult to cor­rect lat­er on if you adapt your swing to clubs that do not fit you.

At the very least, get fit­ted for shaft length, shaft flex, and lie. Start­ing with clubs that phys­i­cal­ly fit you will allow you to build a cor­rect, con­sis­tent swing over time.

As time goes by, your swing will improve and at some point you will ben­e­fit from being refit­ted. You will have the con­sis­tent swing that can then be ana­lyzed for spin rate, launch angle, and ball speed. This infor­ma­tion can be used to deter­mine the exact right clubs for your game.

If you are look­ing for a new set of clubs, be sure to make a fit­ting part of the process. It will be high­ly ben­e­fi­cial to your game. Any club fit­ter, whether they are a big retail­er like Golf­smith or Golf Galaxy, or a small­er pro shop at your local course, will do a free or very inex­pen­sive fit­ting when you are buy­ing a new set of clubs.

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