Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Laser Rangefinder and Golf GPS System

Shooting 90 has always recommended golf GPS systems over laser rangefinders as the preferred yardage measuring device for high handicap golfers. Golf GPS systems make it easier to hit greens in regulation as they give you the distance to the front and back of the green. While laser rangefinders will give you the exact yardage to the flag, going for the pin on every hole will often leave the high handicap golfer in green side trouble.

The Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Laser Rangefinder provides the best of both worlds. It’s a laser rangefinder and a golf gps system in one.

The GPS gives the yardage to the front, center, and back of every green, allowing the high handicap golfer the ability to think of their approach yardage as a range, increasing the odds of hitting more greens in regulation. The Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker comes preloaded with over 25,000 North American courses and there is no subscription fee.

The laser rangefinder uses Bushnell Pinseeker technology to provide accuracy within plus or minus one yard. This provides the exact yardage on the holes where the time is right to go for the pin. 5x magnification makes it easy to lock in on your target.

Consider the Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker if you are in the market for a new golf GPS system.


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