A Golf GPS System Will Improve Your Game

I’m a firm believ­er in every ama­teur golfer own­ing a golf GPS sys­tem. Depend­ing on the mod­el, a golf GPS sys­tem can pro­vide the dis­tance to the front, cen­ter and back of the green along with the dis­tance to car­ry haz­ards and var­i­ous layup dis­tances. Some pro­vide a visu­al overview of the hole allow­ing you to drag a tar­get to show the dis­tance remain­ing to the cen­ter of the green from any spot on the hole. Many will even pro­vide dis­tance of your last shot, keep your score and track your stats. The mod­el you decide to buy will large­ly come down to per­son­al pref­er­ence and bud­get.

The biggest func­tion of a golf GPS sys­tem is to assist you in hit­ting more greens in reg­u­la­tion. Many peo­ple say high hand­i­cap golfers should con­cen­trate on hit­ting the mid­dle of the green. I do not believe you should use the exact yardage to the mid­dle of the green. I feel it is more ben­e­fi­cial to look at the dis­tance as a range from the front to the back of the green. I find it eas­i­er and faster choos­ing the right club when look­ing at a range of 130 to 160 yards instead of a sin­gle yardage of 145 yards, espe­cial­ly after fac­tor­ing in ele­va­tion, wind and haz­ards sur­round­ing the green. Look­ing at a range helps you look at mul­ti­ple clubs to start and then nar­row it down to the cor­rect one after eval­u­at­ing all the fac­tors.

A golf GPS sys­tem can also help high hand­i­cap golfers cor­rect­ly play par 5’s. Many golfers do not play par 5’s as effec­tive­ly as they could. A lot of ama­teur golfers do not have the dis­tance to reach a par 5 in two shots. They’ll bomb their dri­ver off the tee and then hit a fair­way met­al as far as they can. This often leaves them with 30 to 50 yards left for their third shot which is arguably the most dif­fi­cult shot in golf. The bet­ter approach is to layup with your sec­ond shot and leave a full wedge shot to the green. A full wedge shot for many golfers is around 100 yards. To layup for a 100 yard third shot, sim­ply sub­tract 100 yards from the dis­tance to the cen­ter of the green on your sec­ond shot. This gives you a short­er, more accu­rate sec­ond shot and a full swing wedge shot for your third shot. Although your third shot will be longer, doing this will give you a bet­ter chance of hit­ting the green in reg­u­la­tion.

One thing I do not use my golf GPS sys­tem for is mea­sur­ing the dis­tance of my last shot, keep­ing score or track­ing my stats. I like to con­cen­trate on my most impor­tant shot, my next one, when I am on the course. Try­ing to do too much with my GPS quick­ly becomes a dis­trac­tion and takes me away from my game.

Using a golf GPS sys­tem is one of the cheap­est and quick­est ways to imme­di­ate­ly improve your game. Check out golf GPS sys­tems for every bud­get in our equip­ment sec­tion!

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