A Golf GPS System Will Improve Your Game

I’m a firm believer in every amateur golfer owning a golf GPS system. Depending on the model, a golf GPS system can provide the distance to the front, center and back of the green along with the distance to carry hazards and various layup distances. Some provide a visual overview of the hole allowing you to drag a target to show the distance remaining to the center of the green from any spot on the hole. Many will even provide distance of your last shot, keep your score and track your stats. The model you decide to buy will largely come down to personal preference and budget.

The biggest function of a golf GPS system is to assist you in hitting more greens in regulation. Many people say high handicap golfers should concentrate on hitting the middle of the green. I do not believe you should use the exact yardage to the middle of the green. I feel it is more beneficial to look at the distance as a range from the front to the back of the green. I find it easier and faster choosing the right club when looking at a range of 130 to 160 yards instead of a single yardage of 145 yards, especially after factoring in elevation, wind and hazards surrounding the green. Looking at a range helps you look at multiple clubs to start and then narrow it down to the correct one after evaluating all the factors.

A golf GPS system can also help high handicap golfers correctly play par 5’s. Many golfers do not play par 5’s as effectively as they could. A lot of amateur golfers do not have the distance to reach a par 5 in two shots. They’ll bomb their driver off the tee and then hit a fairway metal as far as they can. This often leaves them with 30 to 50 yards left for their third shot which is arguably the most difficult shot in golf. The better approach is to layup with your second shot and leave a full wedge shot to the green. A full wedge shot for many golfers is around 100 yards. To layup for a 100 yard third shot, simply subtract 100 yards from the distance to the center of the green on your second shot. This gives you a shorter, more accurate second shot and a full swing wedge shot for your third shot. Although your third shot will be longer, doing this will give you a better chance of hitting the green in regulation.

One thing I do not use my golf GPS system for is measuring the distance of my last shot, keeping score or tracking my stats. I like to concentrate on my most important shot, my next one, when I am on the course. Trying to do too much with my GPS quickly becomes a distraction and takes me away from my game.

Using a golf GPS system is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to immediately improve your game. Check out golf GPS systems for every budget in our equipment section!

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