3 Up 2S14 Golf Ball

The 3 Up 2S14 golf ball is one of the best golf balls for beginners. It is a two-piece ball with a low compression of 55. It is in the same class as the Wilson Staff Duo and Callaway Supersoft golf balls, which have compressions of 40 and 38, respectively. Super low compression balls are made for players with slower to moderate swing speeds.

The deep-soft core technology of the 3 Up 2S14 provides great feel on and around the green while still providing long distance off the tee. The ionomer cover is very durable while producing less spin off the driver than the softer covers of 3-piece tour balls.

3 Up Golf was founded by Rob Zimmerman and his wife Danielle. In addition to the 2S14 golf all, 3 Up also sells the 3-piece 3F12 golf ball along with apparel and headwear.

The best part of 3 Up Golf is their commitment to giving back to charity. From every dozen golf balls that 3 Up Golf sells, they donate $3 to golf and cancer related charities. You’re donating 25 cents to charity every time you lose a 3 Up Golf ball!

If you’re looking for a great performing golf ball and a way to help out charities, check out 3 Up Golf today!


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