Shooting 90

Wel­come to Shoot­ing 90! We help both the begin­ner golfer and the high hand­i­cap golfer improve their golf game to shoot bogey golf and bet­ter.

Suc­cess in golf can be bro­ken down into three areas; hit­ting the fair­way off the tee, hit­ting the green on your approach shot, and get­ting the ball in the hole in the fewest num­ber of putts.

Begin­ner and high hand­i­cap golfers face many obsta­cles on the way to shoot­ing bogey golf. Shoot­ing 90 will help you:

Learn How to Fix a Slice
Avoid Penal­ty Strokes
Improve Your Short Game
Stop Three Putting

And More!

Also read about the golf equip­ment you need includ­ing the best golf balls for begin­ners, golf GPS sys­tems, golf swing ana­lyz­ers, golf prac­tice nets and more!